28 Mar

  • By wendydodds

Last Thursday, we held our first Wilton Book Day. The Lower School was divided into vertical groups,and worked with Mrs Maddocks, Mrs Easton, Miss Hall, Mrs Hunjan, Miss Dickinson and Mrs Stone, assisted by Miss Barry, Mrs Trowbridge, Miss Gardner and Miss Rudgley. Each of the 6 groups had an unseen wordless picture book: Flotsam, The Lion and the Mouse or Journey. The children then had to produce their own outcome linked to their picture book.

Some children chose to create performances, writing the script, allocating parts and performing. Others created their own Big Books using the pictures to write their own stories, and some produced digital story books. We then had a ‘Show and Tell’ session in the afternoon where parents, students and teachers could admire the work produced.

We were delighted with the quality of the work produced, and will be adding links here to enable you to  view the performances, read the digital books and see photos of the Big Books. Please keep checking this page for new additions and see for yourself how wonderfully creative our students are!

Watch our videos below of the students presenting their work:

‘Flotsam’ by Vaughan, Bertie, Jackson, Crusoe, Barney & Cody

‘Flotsam’ by Dixie, Trent, Logan, Bryn S, Conrad & Joel

‘The Lion & the Mouse’ by Tawny, Brooke, Oriana & Fenn

‘The Lion & the Mouse’ by Monty & Hudson

‘The Lion & the Mouse’ by Flynn, Reilly, Bjorn & Fraser

Miss Dickinson