09 Jul

  • By wendydodds

It was set to be a hot one, with temperatures reaching 29C at Wilton Campus Sports Day on Friday 6th July 2018. Students arrived in good time to warm up and parade around the track at Kings Park Athletics Stadium in Bournemouth. House gazebos, banners and colours were flying. For the Yellow Raiders, Red Troopers and Green Warriors the house sports leaders prepared their teams for some great competition. Many students had been training in school and in their own time to beat their previous times, distances and heights in order to beat their personal bests and achieve valuable house points for the coveted Sports Day cup.

The events kicked off with the 80m and 100m heats in which all students took part, in front of a huge community crowd, where the atmosphere was as hot as the temperature. 33 school records were broken during the event, including 7 x 2017 Focus School records in key events, such as Zara Rubie’s 1.44m in the 7-9 girls’ high jump, Laurel Brown’s 4.59m in the 7-9 girls’ long jump, George Aris’ time of 4.31 minutes in the 1500m, Wyatt Tuffin’s 6.25m in the 10-13s’ long jump and Riley Humphreys’s 49.35m in the 10-13s’ Javelin. Ketsia Gardner set 2 Focus records with 27.31 seconds in the 10-13 girls’ 10-13s 200m and 1.51m in the girls’ 10-13 high jump.

The house sports leaders have worked hard during the past few months, preparing the students and sorting out the participants, both before the event as well as making last minute changes on the day. They also did a great job of warming their teams up at the start and motivating them throughout.

Students demonstrated their talent and worked hard for those valuable house points but there could only be one winner:

1st Yellow Raiders – 1376

2nd Green Warriors – 1215

3rd Red Troopers – 1075

Yellow Raiders sports leaders, Zara Rubie, Ketsia Gardner, Bertie Morrish and Riley Humphreys were presented with the house cup by Mr McShane and were then joined by the rest of their team for a team celebration and photos.

Thank you to all those who were involved with another great sports day.

Please see all the Wilton athletics records below:

100m KS3 Girls Ketsia Gardner 13.73 2015
100m KS4/5 Girls Ketsia Gardner 13.45 2017
100m KS3 Boys Fletcher Long 11.57 2014
100m KS4 Boys Fletcher Long 11.64 2016
200m KS3 Girls Ketsia Gardner 28.75 2015
200m KS4 Girls Ketsia Gardner 27.31 2018
200m KS3 Boys Wyatt Tuffin 25.59 2015
200m KS4/5 Boys Fletcher Long 24.14 2018
300m KS3 Girls Tigerlily Farrant 50.52 2017
300m KS3 Boys Jackson Barter 42.81 2018
300m KS4/5 Girls Rose Barter 47.70 2018
400m KS4 Girls Karen Smyth 1.19.78 2014
400m KS3 Boys Fletcher Long 58.12 2014
400m KS4 Boys Zack Aris 56.00 2018
800m KS3 Girls Elise Barter 2.45.27 2016
800m KS4 Girls Zoe Barter 2.43.06 2013
800m KS3 Boys Wyatt Tuffin 2.25.09 2015
800m KS4 Boys Blake Barter 2.06.33 2016
1500m KS3 Girls Anya Steedman 6.48.97 2017
1500m KS4/5 Girls Tigerlily Farrant 6.45.54 2018
1500m KS3 Boys Ted Farrant 5.00.81 2017
1500m KS4/5 Boys George Aris 4.31 2018
4 x 100m Relay KS3 Girls Elise Barter 59.69 2016
Rose Barter
Oceana Barter
Laurel Brown
4 x 100m Relay KS4 Girls Ketsia Gardner 57.65 2018
Tigerlily Farrant
Storm Barter
Nikita Fidler
4 x 100m Relay KS3 Boys Bertie Morrish 55.68 2018
Arwyn Lewis
Harry Diffey
Jackson Barter
4 x 100m Relay KS4 Boys Fletcher Long 48.54 2018
Callum Barry
Alfie Browning
Zach Dixon
Shot Put KS3 Girls – 3.25KG Tekela Barter 7.45 2018
Shot Put KS4 Girls – 4.00KG Caroline Holley 7.8 2014
Shot Put KS3 Boys – 4.00KG Wesley Cooper 9.6 2014
Shot Put KS4 Boys – 5.00KG Bentley Dixon 10.66 2015
Javelin KS3 Girls – 600g Kealan Suckling 16.18m 2016
Javelin KS4 Girls – 600g Zeta Diffey 19.11m 2018
Javelin KS3 Boys – 600g Kent Diffey 31.89m 2015
Javelin KS4 Boys – 700g Riley Humphreys 49.35m 2018
High Jump KS3 Girls Zara Rubie 1.44m 2018
High Jump KS4/5 Girls Ketsia Gardner 1.51m 2018
High Jump KS3 Boys Fletcher Long/Kent Diffey 1.60m 2014/2015
High Jump KS4/5 Boys Zach Dixon 1.81m 2017
Long Jump KS3 Girls Laurel Brown 4.59m 2018
Long Jump KS4 Girls Rose Barter 4.30m 2018
Long Jump KS3 Boys Wyatt Tuffin 5.14m 2015
Long Jump KS4 Boys Wyatt Tuffin 6.25m 2018
Triple Jump KS3 Girls Natalie Beesley 7.55m 2017
Triple Jump KS3 Boys Jem Aris 8.74m 2018
Triple Jump KS4/5 Girls  Zeta Diffey 8.23m 2018
Triple Jump KS4/5 Boys Troy Diffey 11.22m 2018
Discus KS3 Girls (1kg) Karlene Steedman 18.16m 2017
Discus KS3 Boys (1.25kg) Hugo Christopher 29.91m 2017
Discus KS4/5 Girls (1kg) Caroline Holley 19.45m 2017
Discus KS4/5s Boys (1.5kg) Riley Humphreys 27.92m 2018
Yrs 3/4 Girls 80m Poppy Farrant 12.21 2016
Yrs 3/4 Boys 80m Crusoe Meek 12.57 2018
Yrs 5/6 Girls 80m Poppy Farrant 12.13 2018
Yrs 5/6 Boys 80m Bertie Morrish 11.69 2015
Yrs 3/4 Girls 200m Poppy Farrant 32.95 2016
Yrs 3/4 Boys 200m Max Brown 33.11 2018
Yrs 5/6 Girls 200m Poppy Farrant 32.68 2017
Yrs 5/6 Boys 200m Bertie Morrish 29.7 2015
Yrs 3/4 4 x 100 Relay Girls Yellow Raiders 1.10.06 2017
Yrs 3/4 4 x 100 Relay Boys Yellow Raiders 1.09.72 2017
Yrs 3/6  Girls Relay 4 x 100 Shanae Sellars 1.08.37 2015
Tawny Fentiman
Zara Rubie
Brianna Matley
Yrs 3/6  Boys Relay 4 x 100 Corrado Diffey 1.05.31 2015
Barry Cook
Jem Aris
Bertie Morrish
KS2 Girls Rounders Ball Pippa Steedman 43.70 2018
KS2 Boys Rounders Ball Kester Reynolds 66.10 2018
Long Jump KS2 Girls Poppy Farrant 3.75m 2018
Long Jump KS2 Boys Ricardo Barter 3.85m 2018