22 Feb

  • By wendydodds

After the original date being cancelled in December due to bad weather, the sun managed to show its face all day on the rescheduled date of Wednesday 21st February 2018.

Our sports leaders:

Oscar Tuffin  -Warriors, Bertie Morrish – Raiders, Willoughby Long – Troopers, Zara Rubie – Raiders, Laurel Brown – Warriors, Tuscany Diffey  – Troopers, Clayton Barry – Warriors, Riley Humphreys – Raiders, Callum Barry – Troopers, Millie Fennell – Troopers, Ketsia Gardner – Raiders and Iola Fidler – Warriors

represented all 3 houses and collaborated, over the past few months, to plan out the day and ensure teams were selected and prepared for their events. All sports leaders have been awarded a values award for responsibility and commitment, as they were key in the organisation and success of the event.

Thank you also to all staff on the day for supervising and a special thank you to the following staff for giving up their time to referee:

Mr McShane – Rugby

Mrs Powell – Hockey

Mr James – Football

Miss Dickinson – Netball

Mr Moss – Football

Miss Lassetter  – Dodgeball

Mr Colley – Basketball

The day was very competitive with a high standard of play, and there was a clear demonstration of how hard everyone had been working on their skills, fitness and team cohesion, which led to the following results:

House Winners:

1st – Yellow Raiders

2nd – Green Warriors

3rd – Red Troopers

Event Winners:

3-6 Football Boys – Yellow Raiders

3-6 Netball Girls – Yellow Raiders

3-6 Dodgeball Mixed – Red Troopers / Yellow Raiders

7-9 Rugby Boys – Green Warriors

7-9 Football Boys – Yellow Raiders

7-9 Hockey Girls – Green Warriors

7-9 Basketball Girls – Yellow Raiders

10-13 Football Boys – Yellow Raiders

10-13 Rugby Boys -DNF

10-13 Hockey Girls – Green Warriors

10-13 Basketball Girls – Yellow Raiders

Standout players and leading scorers on the day to receive Epraise points:

Laurel Brown

Denver Melvin

Sander Cowley

Enrique Humphreys

Poppy Farrant

Elicia Dible

Farley Suckling

Zara Rubie

Brittany Wakeford

Jayden Sellars

Wade Browning

Frazer East

Mr Colley