02 Nov

  • By wendydodds

imgp1442 100_4406 100_4413 100_4454 imgp1445 imgp1463 imgp1446 imgp1466 imgp1469 imgp1481 imgp1499 imgp1501 imgp1506 imgp1508 imgp1526 imgp1517 imgp1529 imgp1533 imgp1528 imgp1525 imgp1535 imgp1496 img_3679As part of the new enrichment programme, this term’s theme is Conflict & Peace. We started the term with a whole school WW1 day.

All students were treated to a visit by Living Frontline history who provided not only some initial background information on WWI and students were able to view artefacts from WWI, some of which were original.  The delights of army ration food were sampled (corned beef and crackers!), a WW1 rifle, amongst other items, was handled and children enjoyed trying on the uniform of a WWI soldier, which included the different types of gas masks which developed and improved throughout the war.  The upper school students were also given instructions on WWI field medicine which will help with the current GCSE year 9 & 10 students studies.

Every single student (and staff member) was involved in a whole school SDL project, creating a response to the SDL question “What does remembrance look like to you?”. The question had to be answered by producing a drawing, creating a clay tile, writing an evaluation and having their phot taken with their tile.

Students were exemplary in their behaviour and attentiveness. The whole day was a resounding success and a big thank you must go to all the staff who helped make this day possible.