14 Dec

  • By wendydodds

This morning saw the first debate for three of Wilton’s Year 10 students against a team from Gloucester Campus as part of the Western Region Debating League. Warren, Almanzo and Jensen accepted the challenge a little under two weeks ago. They worked together to find out about the debating process and got busy with research on whether the voting age in the UK should be reduced to 16.

On the day, Gloucester won the toss and opted to speak in the affirmative, so Wilton had to argue that the voting age should not be reduced. There were some rather interesting arguments from both teams, with some very quick thinking and some great displays of confident speaking.

Our Year 10s did a fantastic job and although today was a practice with no scores given, they learnt a huge amount and you would never have guessed that they are beginners.

Well done boys!

Mr James