28 Jun

  • By wendydodds

Year 11 were fortunate enough to start their transition into the 6th Form under sunny skies and with the company of the Year 11 students from Stoke Poges. Mr McShane introduced the day through sharing with the students Industry 4.0, and hence giving students an insight in to the rapidly changing world that they will be entering on completion of their schooling. The students were placed in teams and undertook a series of team building tasks that were framed with The 16 Habits of an Effective SDL learner. The students will be revisiting these habits in detail, identifying their current strengths and areas for development, as developing these habits will play a vital role in their success in the 6th form and beyond.

The teamwork continued before, and after, a group pizza lunch with the ‘Ice-Cream Enterprise Challenge’. 

Within a tight time-frame, groups had to develop, research and market a new ice cream flavour to a panel of judges. We were impressed by the holistic approach of the students; we were presented with ideas that showed consideration to a health conscious and eco-aware society. Vegan friendly products with sustainable packaging and minimalist logos were the order of the day.

Mrs Powell