14 Dec

  • By wendydodds

On Thursday 14th December, Year 5 parents were invited into school to take a look at the Theme Work that Year 5 have been involved in this term.  The big question that students had been trying to answer was – Why is Wilton as it is now? This had involved a lot of research; some surveys; a group interviewing the Wilton Town Clerk together with a lot of creativity and hard work.

On Thursday, students put the finishing touches to their work and then each of the four groups presented their findings to the rest of the class and the visiting parents.  Each group had found out a lot of information and every individual student has become an ‘expert’ on the geography and history of Wilton.  A few mistakes had occurred along the way – one of them being that one group reported that the population of Wilton is 35,000. This is actually true but the figure relates to Wilton in the USA and not Wiltshire!

Much has been learnt about research and the use of the web which will help the students as they continue their SDL journey.  Well done Year 5 – you make your teacher very proud!

Mrs Easton