31 Oct

  • By wendydodds

On Tuesday 31st October, a group of Year 5 students,  Brooke, Harrison, Kennedi, Quintana, Ronan and Rowan, visited Wilton Town Hall and interviewed the Town Clerk, Mrs Purves as part of their research to answer the question: Why is Wilton as it is today? They had organised the trip themselves; prepared the questions and asked them in an interview fashion.

Mrs Purves was very well prepared, as we had submitted the questions in advance, so she was able to give the students lots of information to help them in their studies.  After the interview, she kindly showed them many old artefacts and allowed us to take photographs.  It was a very successful visit and I was extremely proud of how well the students conducted themselves throughout the morning.

Students sent the following words of thanks to Mrs Purves following their visit:


Thank you for letting us come, I know that everyone enjoyed it. The question answers will be a great help in our study of Wilton. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into our visit.


Thank you. I really liked the map you showed us, it was really good. The answers will be a great help to our final presentation. I also liked seeing the charters too.


Thank you for showing us the very old documents. The maps were very interesting. I learnt a lot about Wilton and it will help lots in our project. The information that you spent time putting together for us will be really useful.


The answers that you gave us to our questions were fantastic. Thank you for the time that you spent with us. I really liked finding out about what you and the council do.


I am grateful because you showed us the old map and the money chest and spent a lot of time answering our questions. The charters were amazing and we really enjoyed our trip. The paintings and the portraits of the mayors were incredible. Thank you!


Thank you very much for having us at the Town Hall. I was amazed at how big Wilton really is. Thank you also for telling us about Wilton and the population. I loved the bit where you showed us the big map, the money chest and the town charters.

And the town clerk’s response:

“The pleasure was mine, they are a lovely group of children, and a credit to you and the school.”

Mrs Easton