04 Apr

  • By wendydodds

You’ll recall back in February that year 5, as part of their study of the history of China, decided to create their own terracotta army.

After a few weeks of careful crafting, many warriors were created, each with their own individual character.  Sadly, as we anticipated, there were a few ‘kiln casualties’ and students had fun trying to work out which head went with which body!  It might have been possible to glue them together but in actual fact, as they appear in the photograph, they look authentic as many of the originals were damaged when they were uncovered in China.

Not only was it a fun activity but it gave the children an opportunity to work with clay and also to think about scale and proportion and also think about the basic human form.

Well done year 5 in creating an interesting looking army!

Mrs Easton

Year 5 teacher