04 Oct

  • By wendydodds

On Monday afternoon, 6 students from Year 5 – Alberta, Barnaby, Carsten, Iola, Kendon and Rowan, accompanied by Mrs Easton, walked into Wilton village to carry out a survey.  The visit and the survey had been previously organised by the students as part of their SDL investigation into the history of Wilton.  On the way down we noticed the poster quoting Henry Ford and decided that it was particularly appropriate for our SDL style of study.  The students then completed their survey, politely questioning members of the public.

It was an interesting experience as it didn’t quite work out as expected.  As one of the students commented, “We didn’t find out what we were expecting, but we learnt a lot!”  As is often the case, the survey created more questions than it answered.  Classic SDL!

Mrs Easton