02 Nov

  • By wendydodds

On Monday 30th October 2017, Year 6 arrived at school in Anglo-Saxon guise for their Anglo-Saxon and Viking day.

Throughout the course of the day, they learnt many new facts about life in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain, as well as revised some of their previous learning.  Amongst other things, they learnt about family life, law and punishment and battle weaponry.  However, the most exciting part of their experience was being able to experience, hands-on, numerous artefacts relating to this historic way of life.  The most popular of these were the swords and shields, with all students challenging themselves to hold a sword at arm’s length with a straight elbow for at least 30 seconds.

Additionally, the students enjoyed trying on helmets, chain mail vests and hats from this historic era.  They also explored tools, pad locks and keys, combs, weaving and many other historic items.

A great day and much fun was had by all!

Mrs Hunjan