06 Jul

  • By saritadonald

As part of their study of WW2, year 6 arranged a Victory in Europe style party. The class organised it themselves, making invitations and decorations and invited all of KS2 and their teachers and some other members of staff.

They also made food including jellies and cakes and sandwiches on the actual morning. We tried to remain as authentic to what was available in 1945 so no crisps or ice-creams!  There were spam, cheese, corned beef and jam sandwiches and lots of cakes and biscuits.  There was also fruit jelly with evaporated milk and lemonade and tea to drink.  During the morning, WW2 music was played and, as everyone sat down to eat, there was a real sense of celebration and a 1940s atmosphere.

Well done Year 6 and a big thank you to all the parents who sent in delicious food and to all the staff who helped to make it a lunch to remember.

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