09 Jun

  • By wendydodds

On Friday 9th June, Year 6 went on a well-deserved trip to Marwell Zoo after completing their SATs exams. Everyone had a ‘whale of a time’ with their friends.

Students enjoyed walking into a tropical habitat, where they could see jewel-coloured, poisonous frogs, enormous tarantulas and a leaf-cutter ant colony marching in line to and from their nest with their leaves.

Just before lunch, the sun came out persuading the monkeys to run outside, swing on their ropes and branches, and even causing the infant monkeys to squabble and chase each other around their island. The giraffes peacefully ate their lunch while towering above everyone’s heads, the leopards basked in the sun, the penguins dived into their cool pool, and the flamingos bobbed their heads to wave everyone off.

Miss Rudgley