27 Jun

  • By wendydodds

Year 6 have been immersing themselves in World War 2 for their current topic. After learning about war poetry and reading examples, they have all written their own war poems which they performed to the class. Many literary and descriptive techniques were used in order to create some powerful imagery. Here is some of their work:

The bulging eye sockets are weary from fighting,

Their teeth chatter like the machine guns behind. (Arne)


The whining of shells seems to never end

Then comes a shaking of the ground

More are there on the floor

New streams of scarlet flow down the hill (Santina)


Pssst! A ruthless kind of air, a foe,

Called gas, all men lie low.  (Randall)


Graves gaze in the green growth. (Leo)


Sleeping, skeletons dive deeply below.

Revealing secrets from ugly graves

Machine Guns work on as slaves. (Keziah)


Miss Rudgley