14 Dec

  • By wendydodds

On Thursday morning, the Year 7 students opened the Wilton Art Gallery. The theme was Heroes and Villains, and the students had chosen pieces of artwork depicting heroes and villains from the last few centuries. They acted as curators and gave a critique of each piece of artwork. In addition, the students had also completed their own piece of artwork of a hero or heroine. These pieces of artwork were varied in their styles, with some students choosing to do pencil drawings, some chose to paint and others chose to use wax crayons to produce their portraits.

Following the art gallery session, the students took part in a debate, where the question for consideration was “Can a villain be a hero?”. The students gave examples from their studies this term as well as other examples that they had researched. In the first debate, the Proponents were the clear winners by 2 votes, but in the second debate, the Opposition won. Overall, the Proponents won by 1 vote – a very close run debate.

Thank you to all the parents who came to visit our art gallery and to watch our debate – the students really appreciated having an audience.

Miss Dickinson