18 Jan

  • By saritadonald

Year  7 “Great War Walk”

As part of Focus School’s new approach to Self-Directed Learning, in their English lessons the Year Sevens will be studying the Poetry of War. So, thanks to Miss Hull and Mrs Stone, as an immersive introduction, they all had an opportunity to experience just a taste of what life would have been like for soldiers during the Great War.

The classes were ‘marched’ (in ‘double quick’ time) out of school towards the local woods, where they were ‘ordered’ to get as wet and as muddy as possible!  This was achieved by ‘marching’ the students through puddles, jumping in muddy ditches and even doing press-ups on the cold ground.  Of course, all of this was done whilst wearing outside boots far too big for them (in most cases their dads’ work boots or wellies) and no coats!

Whilst it was just a hint at what conditions were like for many during WWI, it was more than enough for Year Seven who were very glad to be back at school, warm and dry and clean for break time.


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