22 Jun

  • By wendydodds

On the 21st June we (the year 7’s) went on a school trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Stone.

The reason for this visit was so we could look round the ruins of a Monks abbey on the grounds of this museum. But before we did this we all had to go upstairs and get dressed in Monks’ habits (robes). We then met a lady who took us on a guided tour round the remaining buildings and watched a short video on how life would have been.

After that we went up to a room where we had left our bags and were each given a piece of wool to try and ‘tease’ it with a teasel. This was extremely hard because you kept spiking your hands and leaving bits of the plant entangled in the wool.

After all having a go at this, we were allowed to make felt buttons out of the wool. This looked easy but actually it was hard. This was because the wool had to be dipped in soap water first so it went all oily. Some turned out ok but some were all lumpy and scrawny looking.

By the time we had done all this and looked round the place where the Monks once would have prayed and where the altar was (now a hedge), we headed over to a park and ate our lunches. We played for a while then we were allowed to go and look at the motor section of Beaulieu, we had to be in groups of 3 or more.

Most of us went downstairs to go on a ride called Wheels because we had to have an adult with us we called Mrs Stone and Mrs Taylor. The ride was quite interesting because you went through these little tunnels in red pods that spun round so you could see everything. Everything was mainly different cars through time and one thing that I can still remember now was about the war cars. There was a sign that said: ‘get any car as long as it’s black’! We went on this trip twice then went and looked at the racing cars. We admired the Aston Martins and Porsches.

After doing this we had to go and meet the parents and teachers back at the entrance ready to go home.

Overall my favourite part was going on the wheels ride and seeing Mrs Taylor and Mrs Stone dressed up in habits!

Calvina – year 7 student