14 Mar

  • By wendydodds

In Theme, Year 8 have set out to answer the big question: How do images influence our perception of the world around us? As part of this they have explored how to draw self-portraits and investigated the hidden messages in Tudor portraits.

To consolidate their understanding, a trip to the stunningly beautiful Montacute House on the 13th March was in order. We were able to experience the house in all its glory as the sun was shining brightly for our visit and the long gallery was flooded with sunlight.

John, an experienced and entertaining guide, shared his passion for and knowledge of the Tudor portraits and was impressed by the students’ interpretations of the pieces of Art. They shared their understanding of portraits of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth of Bohemia.

Year 8 will now have the opportunity to redraft their Tudor inspired self-portraits after gaining first-hand insight of the portraits at Montacute House that belong to the National Portrait Gallery.

Mrs Powell