21 Nov

  • By wendydodds

 As part of their topic on acids and alkalis, students researched, planned and conducted their own investigations. The main question they sought to answer was: “what happens when acids and alkalis mix?”.

The students planned the investigation, did a risk assessment and submitted their request forms to Mrs Spencer-Smith who fulfilled their requests. The students enjoyed the practical freedom and everyone managed to learn something from their own procedures as well as from those of their peers. This was also a valuable experience and lesson into how to plan and request equipment and chemicals. Some students forgot to request things such as spatulas and pipettes – something they will definitely remember to plan for next time!

The students found this exercise in self-directed learning very valuable. It allowed them to plan their learning in a way that suited them, but more importantly they recognised that they can learn from their mistakes and effectively evaluate their work based on their own experiences.

Thank you to Mrs Spencer-Smith who kindly got everything ready for the students following the receipt of their respective request forms. It is a big task to practically set up the equipment, chemicals and products for all 29 students in the year group.