30 Mar

  • By wendydodds

This term year 8 students took part in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) challenge. Their aim was to stop the spread of infectious disease in a third world country like Kenya.

The students formed groups of their choice and had to design, build and test a working model that would collect rainwater that could be used by pupils to wash their hands when in school.

Students had to:

  • work out the cost of their materials and that of their final product
  • produce educational materials explaining why hand washing is important in preventing the spread of infectious diseases in a format they would find engaging and learn from

The year 8s came up with brilliant designs which they re-drafted until they were happy with their final designs. They then built their model and as part of their class presentation showed the rest of the year group how their model worked. They also came up with very good educational materials ranging from videos to leaflets and posters.

They should be very proud of their efforts!

Mrs Roelofsz