08 Jan

  • By wendydodds

What will a town look like in 2020?

Year 8 students have taken on the role of urban planners this term as they strive to design a town that will thrive in the future. They have been exceptionally creative in their approach and are in the final stages of putting their research in to action by mapping their towns.

Two tasks they have completed recently are:

‘Street Food’:
where students thoroughly enjoyed making their tasty wraps that could be sold as street food in their towns.

‘Design a Pedestrian Bridge’:
where they were given the challenge of designing and building a bridge that would feature in their town. They were required to identify their own research questions and then utilise this information when designing and building their bridge to scale.

Some impressive structures were constructed; specifically Danita and Chiquita’s suspension bridge. Students then needed to explain their design choices to our guest judge, Mr Walmsley. Groups needed to explain the forces that act on a bridge and justify how their design counters these forces.

Students were most definitely surprised by how strong their structures were when testing them to failure!

Mrs Powell