13 Jul

  • By wendydodds

Another perfect day for cricket at South Wilts on Thursday 12th July 2018, with the Wilton boys’ school team vs Wilton Leavers. The boys had been looking forward to this for sometime and had been preparing tactically over the past few weeks, with sports leaders selecting players based on performance from previous cricket fixtures. Wilton Leavers had organised days off work and had also been practising together for a while too.

Wilton boys won the toss and elected to bat. From this point on, the students and leavers went head to head, in an exciting exhibition of bowling by both teams; from Daniel Morrish, Carwyn Humphreys, Blake Barter, Max Diffey and Tom Howden from the Leavers and George Aris, Clayton Barry, Wyatt Tuffin, Wade Browning, Callum Barry, Zac Tallamy and Riley Humphreys from the Wilton boys. Batting was also superb, with boundaries being made and players always looking to make runs. However, it was Wilton boys who came out on top as they left the Wilton Leavers chasing 100 runs with 8 overs left – insurmountable with the standard of bowling that was on display. Well done to all those who took part in another great day of sport!

Wilton Boys – 229 for 5
Wilton Leavers – 195 for 9

Batting totals:

Wilton Boys:

Riley Humphreys – 71

Wade Browning – 66

Callum Barry – 42

Zac Tallamy – 24

Fletcher Long – 5

Clayton Barry – 1

Wilton Leavers:

Carwyn Humphreys – 51

Joe Smyth – 49

Max Diffey – 25

Sheridan Gardner -15

Tom Howden – 6

Warner Fennell – 6

Shane Barry – 2

A special mention to Mr Humphreys who kindly volunteered to umpire alongside Mr Colley.

Mr Colley