25 Jun

  • By wendydodds

Years 11s-13s were invited to Gloucester campus to take part in a series of house rugby fixtures at their new rugby astro facility (boys) and rounders matches (girls). This had previously been arranged in the spring term but had been rescheduled for after the exam period.

With regard to the rugby, the first set of matches was a Rugby 7s format where Wilton and Gloucester students were able to show off their pace and tackling abilities even in the intense heat. The competition was fierce and many games were either a draw or a team winning by one try. However Raiders managed to win overall with this format:
Yellow Raiders – Won- 2 Drawn-1 Lost-1
Red Troopers – Won- 1 Drawn- 2 Lost- 1
Green Warriors – Won- 1 Drawn- 1 Lost- 2

The second format was full 15 aside with combined house team squads from both campuses. The standard of play was high with great passing, overlaps and some crunching tackles. Troopers were unstoppable and ultimately undefeated:
Red Troopers – Won- 2 Lost- 0
Green Warriors – Won- 1 Lost- 1
Yellow Raiders – Won- 0 Lost- 2

Standout Wilton players:
Riley Humphreys in the 7s for his pass and control
Fletcher Long in the 15s for his passing
Ernie Cooper in both formats for his ability to drive the ball and work in phases

Mr Colley

“On Friday Year 11 and 12 went to Gloucester to participate in an inter-campus tournament. The girls played rounders and the boys played rugby, in the house teams Raiders, Warriors and Troopers.

It was a fun, well organised day enjoyed by all, with Raiders coming out with a clear and well deserved victory!

Up with Raiders!”

Ketsia Gardner – Year 12 – Sports Leader – Raiders