04 Jul

  • By wendydodds

Year 7-10 Girls Match: Team ‘Zara’ V Team ‘Laurel’ (3-3)

We were blessed with sunshine, blue skies and a cooling breeze as we started our end of year hockey matches. Our Sports Leaders, Laurel Brown, Zara Rubie and Tuscany Diffey had deliberated carefully over how to make two fair teams from the year 7 to 10 girls. It was pleasing to see representatives from all year groups making up the teams; all demonstrating a high level of skill.

Both teams started quickly, making use of the space on the wings and quickly getting used to the difference it makes playing on an artificial, full-size pitch. Zara and Tigerlily attacked the opposition circle relentlessly; demonstrating excellent ball control at pace and put in some testing crosses. It was not long before Tigerlily slotted in her first goal of the half. Laurel’s team had a vast amount of possession and Laurel, Brianna, Zeta and Brooke moved the ball well around the circle but just could not penetrate the opposition’s defence. Towards the end of the first half, Tigerlily flicked the ball towards the goal, Nikita had exceptional reflexes to get her stick up, but unfortunately she guided it away from Elicia and into the top corner. Fortunately, Laurel’s team continued to work hard, Zena was composed in defence and Kita worked tirelessly to get the ball to her forwards. Zeta finished the half by pulling one goal back just before half time. She had finally broken through the tough defence of Tekela and Lynette in goal. (2-1)

Laurel’s team came out to start the second half revitalised after their goal and quickly drew the match through another fantastic finish by Zeta. The match continued to be exceptionally competitive and ‘Laurel’s Team’ took the lead for the first time through a superb finish from our youngest player, Bronte. ‘Zara’s Team’ remained positive and attacking, determined not to be beaten after being in the lead for the majority of the match. With two minutes left, Tigerlily drew the match, getting her hat-trick in the process.

A draw was a well-deserved end to a highly competitive and skillful match. Well done to all the players!


‘Zara’s Team’: Tigerlily Farrant (3)
‘Laurel’s Team’: Zeta Diffey (2), Bronte Suckling (1)
Player of the Match: Tigerlily Farrant

Year 11-13 Girls Match: Team ‘Millie’ V Team ‘Iola’ (2-6)

Two of our Year 13 Sport Leaders, Millie Fennell and Iola Fidler had carefully considered the teams in order to ensure a competitive match. From the outset, Millie, Elise, Ella and Brittany attacked the opposition circle with testing passes and attacking runs round the circle edge. However, they could not successfully break through the other team’s defence; with Orella in central defence making it exceptionally difficult. They had some excellent shots on target, but Annabelle was exceptional in goal; making some brilliant saves to keep them scoreless for the first half. At the other end, Team ‘Iola’ made the most of their speed on the break, with Iola and Ketsia making some excellent runs and crosses into difficult positions. It was not long before Iola scored a fantastic goal into the corner. Due to being down a few Year 13 players, Nikhita Dible (Year 8) was more than happy to play in mid-field and tested the older defenders with her skillful dribbling. She scored two amazing goals, and almost had a hat-trick! Goal of the match has to go to Kealan who dived at the far post to connect with one of Ketsia’s crosses into the box. It was an excellent deflection that was near impossible to save. In the second half, Farley’s introduction into the match brought fresh legs and energy and resulted in two second half goals for ‘Millie’s Team’.

The match was played in excellent spirit with great skills on display. The score ended: ‘Millie’s Team’ 2 – ‘Iola’s Team’ 6


Millie’s Team: Farley Suckling (2)
Iola’s Team: Kealan Suckling (1), Iola Fidler (1) Nikhita Dible (2), Ketsia Gardner (1) and Tigerlily Farrant (1)
Player of the Match: Annabelle Steedman