11 Jul

  • By wendydodds

This week, a mixed group of year 8, 9 and 10 students visited the MShed museum in Bristol to learn about the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  The morning was spent look at and analysing various artefacts related to the slave trade; just prior to lunch the students also had the opportunity  to walk around the museum researching the links between the slave trade and the impact it had on Bristol’s economy.

After lunch, we toured the Bristol area on foot trying to spot anything to connect the history of the city with the slave trade, which included the architecture, historical signage and monuments.

This trip will be invaluable to the students as they start work on their SDL project this coming week.  My thanks go to Mr McShane for accompanying me and to the ladies who drove the students, but especially to the students for their attentiveness and behaviour – I hope they enjoyed the trip as much as I did.

Mrs Taylor