11 Jul

  • By wendydodds

Despite a weather forecast of pouring rain, our day in Wilton was blessed with dry weather until the final walk back to school. After arriving at Wilton House, we were given clipboards on which we were to record environmentally friendly areas of the grounds. We explored and took photos of plants near the river and stream for an hour before eating lunch.

For the next hour after lunch, we completed our tables and noted wildlife and animals such as ducks and hydrangeas, which we learnt were important to the environment. To learn more about specific plants and what they attracted, we headed down the road to Wilton Garden Centre, where we were met by a lady called Priscilla who gave us a tour of the garden centre. She explained what each plant attracted and why it was good, while we wrote the plants prices on a budget sheet. We did this for both wildlife attracting plants and aquatic plants until 2:20pm then we thanked Priscilla and walked back to school through the puddles and under umbrellas.

The first day of project week was very much enjoyed and we learnt lots about the environment.

Laurel & Zeta