17 Jul

  • By wendydodds

As part of our project on flight we have been investigating the effects of weight and design on the distance rockets travel as well as how accurate their flight path is.

The students designed their own paper rockets which they then entered into a competition to see which rocket would travel the greatest distance and which rocket would be most accurate at hitting a target. Sheridan and Eldon won the distance competition with 4.26m and they also won the accuracy test. Trent, Bertie and Jensen won the design category they had the most stable rocket in the drop test.

 The students then went on a trip to Winchester Science Museum where they learnt more about the forces affecting rockets and they had the opportunity to make and launch water rockets. The students had to predict how long their own rocket would stay airborne for. Oakley, Jensen and Eldon won this competition. Their rocket was full of water and they predicted it would stay in the air for 0.5 seconds. Their rocket stayed in the air for 0.1 seconds. The student then watched ‘a flight through space’ taking a look at the international space station.

 It has been an enjoyable project and the students enjoyed learning about factors affecting the flight of objects in a hands-on practical way.

Mrs Roelofsz