01 Feb

  • By wendydodds

On Wednesday 31st January, Year 5 visited the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.  This was in pursuit of information to answer the Big Question: “What effect has technology had on life on Earth?”  The visit was suggested by the group who had chosen to consider the effect of motor vehicles on life on Earth, but the visit proved to be useful to all four groups due to the questions it raised and the interesting information it uncovered.

The educational input from the two guides was excellent and students were able to try on clothes, make a loud noise with an old car horn and learn about the history and development of motor transport.

From an SDL perspective, it was an ideal opportunity for each student to ask questions, gather information and to collaborate with their group and in so doing develop their skills and knowledge.

Many thanks to Mrs Steedman, Mrs Beesley, Mrs Liesching and Mr James for accompanying us on the trip.

Mrs Easton